AST TAPI and Asterisk

I have installed the ASTTapi driver on various workstations, have installed various screen pop software such as Identaphone and Ascendis caller ID.

Here is my problem and question as I don’t know if this is a BUG are if it just doesn’t work:

  1. When a call arrives at the workstation, the SCREEN POPS, but the CALLER ID displayed within the CALLER ID program is the exten of the PHONE itselfs and not the calling party name and number. For example the phone itself is say exten 6000. When a call arrives it displays 6000 and not the number from the calling phone.

  2. The phones do show the correct information, for example if a call is from an outside line, the phone will display 309-XXX-XXXX, and the NAME… but then the CALLER ID Software will display the LOCAL PHONE EXTENSION 6000…

Has anybody had any luck with the AST TAPI Driver from:

I’m having the same problem - using Asterisk 1.2.0-rc1 , does anyone know a solution to this problem? No one else using AstTapi ?

I had used AstTapi last year already with a previous Asterisk version and that problem wasn’t there - did anything change in the manager API, a BUG that could cause this ?


I had detected the same problem while testing AstTapi with the own CTI program. After a short view in the AstTapi source, I decided to develop a new TAPI driver for Asterisk. The TAPI driver supports dialing and hanging up as well as signalling telephone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls and this for multiple lines of one or several Asterisk systems. For more infos see: