Hardware for Call Now Implementation. Please share


I am a newbie to the world of Asterisk, and am based out of India. I intend to install Asterisk on a test Linux machine and ultimately enable “Call Now” functionality on my company website.
In order to achieve the same, is an ISDN card like OpenVox B100P http://www.openvox.cn/store/b100p-p-34.html?cPath=22&zenid=d61164a1574503889762313af1b8dd1e or AVM Fritz Card http://www.avm.de/en/Produkte/Weitere/FRITZ_Card_PCI/index.html enough? Both the cards have just one port each.

The intended functionality is to be able to connect the visitor’s (to the website) phone through a conf call with a mobile phone, and not necessarily a fixed phone in the office. Can someone please shed light on the capability of such hardware based system to achieve the targeted result :question: Thanks.

PS: This is just an experimental project to see if everything works as planned. We might move to better hardware later depending upon the call volume.