Help me buying cheap/good hardware

Hi ,
I am completely newbie to Asterisk.
I am paying too much for my mobile every month, recently I found this article

I thought of setting up that to reduce my mobile bill. At home I am using Sunrocket VOIP phone service. I have free calls between my mobile and home phone.

Can I setup Asterisk with my VOIP service?

I have following hardware in my desktop

  1. GIGABYTE GA-K8N Pro-SLI Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard with 1394b
  2. AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 2.2GHz Socket 939 Processor Model ADA3700BNBOX

And running WinXP Home/Ubuntu Edgy on my desktop.

Could you please suggest a cheap/good hardware to setup Asterisk with my desktop? I want to use Asterisk with my analog phone at home.
I googled so much to find out hardware but I am confused which one to take.

Thanks in advance.

can some one reply to me?

I just need to know how i need to connect my sunrocket land line to my computer which is installed with Asterisk? what other hard ware card i need? and which is cheap/good.

Any system running 500Mhz + and 256MB of Ram, also a 10GB HDD will be suffice to do the job, with Asterisk you do not need an over kill.

Check out Ebay there are always cheap stuff going on there.



Thanks TeleFone,

I already have my desktop to run Asterisk. But I am asking about which interface card i need to buy (which is used between my land line phone and desktop/asterisk)

or please just point me to a page which explains step by step to install Asterisk system (I can later work with configuration, but first i need to know how to install the software and any hardware if it requires)

Oh sorry :stuck_out_tongue: i miss-read what you wrote.

In that case then take a look at these pages :wink:

Sangoma Card:

Look at the A101 card if you just have one line you want to run on Asteisk, or look at their other versions if you have more then one card.

Digium Card:

Look at either the Digital or Analog cards and see which one suits your needs.

Ebay: … itle=X100P

If your after Cheap then try out E-bay, you can find all sorts of goodies on there :wink:

At the end of the day, if you want to go down the easy path, i suggest using Digium cards, or the Clone cards as they just plug in, then install asterisk, zaptel and Libpri and away you go :open_mouth:

With the Sangoma cards you have to install wanpipe drivers, however some people think it is worth it dues to the robustness of the Sangoma hardware, either way things like this are just not worth debating as it comes down to the age old saying “Each to His own”.

But if your new to Asterisk using hardware, then i would suggest use the clones or any of the Digium supplied cards.



Thanks TeleFone.

I just want to make sure before i am buying following card. … itle=x100p

After installing this card in my computer, i can able to connect my land line(sunrocket voip phone) and my analog phone to this card and I can control my phone line using Asterisk. I can still use my analog phone thru Asterisk.

Am I correct?

Any replies?


If you are serious about making Asterisk work, avoid buying a plain X100P. There are so many negative comments about these, as they are no more than modems. I have used some thing called an AX100P from It is more expensive, but it works - possibly the cheapest workable solution!

If you have the funds, go Digium, but it may be overkill for your requirements