Getting Started with Asterisk - Hardware and software

I am new to Asterisk and I was hoping to find a “Development Starter pack” that would have a hardware/software bundle to get started in using Asterisk but such a thing doesn’t seem to exist, probably because of the vast variety of methods of implementing Asterisk. So here is what I need and plan to do:

I have an existing Dialogic based IVR app that uses a proprietary engine that I want to rewrite. I know I can’t use the Dialog D/41PCI cards because they are half duplex cards so I plan to start from scratch. I would need a card that would allow analog lines to be used as part of the solution. The optimal solution would be to use the analog card to be an optional “gateway”. If they are already using something that is SIP compliant, I would use their existing VoIP System to listen and route calls.

A tall order but I want to start with just a card and Asterisk and see how that would work. It looks like I should get something like the TDM22B so I can receive an analog call and also forward it to an analog handset. However, would Asterisk also allow me to take a call through the analog line and “gateway” the call to a SIP phone extension? I think the answer is yes, but I want to make sure before buying the card and downloading the software.

I don’t expect an answer that resolves all the issues above, but I want to make sure that if I buy the TDM22B I could use it with Asterisk to 1. Receive analog calls and forward to an analog handset and 2. Receive an analog call and forward it to a SIP extension.

I hope this makes some sense.


  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.


Excellent! Thanks very much