Newbie Questions

Hello World

i’m new in using asterisk…
i just installed asterisk on an fedora 14 on virtualbox and tested some internal features by using the book from stefan wintermeyer and philipp kempgen (Asterisk 1.4 + 1.6)
my important question now is what hardware do i need to connect the asterisk with the telephone provider? in my case the provider is kabel bw and i got an ISDN connection from their modem.
at the moment i use an old isdn switch/arrangement with 4 analog and 1 internal S0 (its an GTB Allegro)
what solutions are possible? from the book, as i named above, i can’t get an useable answer. i just looked out for some possible HFC card to connect the asterisk with my telephone provider but i’m not really sure and don’t want to waste money.
what about cards with an cologne chipset?

thanks a lot for help

greetz from germany

If you have got a dedicated server to run Asterisk on, you can use Digium ISDN cards to connect to your provider. But if you will be running your Asterisk server on VirtualBox, the only way is to use an external VoIP-ISDN gateway (i.e. Patton SmartNode).

thanks for the reply dejanst

ok the virtualbox version is only for some first testing…after this works i will install asterisk on my server system (at the moment fc12 but i will crossgrade to centos 6 when its available)

i looked out for an pci card an found this one … K:MEWAX:IT

the dealer told me that the card will work with asterisk, i think i will give it a try

I do not have many experiences with PCI cards, if you need an advice with the Patton gateways, I can be of service :wink: