Google Voice integration with - Synology

I have successfully configured internal extension calling with the version of Asterisk that came with my Synology NAS drive. The current version is and it has what I’m told is the “old” GUI as well for basic configuration.

I do not have any other SIP trunks, no flowroute, no free pbx, just the Asterisk product.

I would like to use google voice as my SIP trunk for both incoming and outgoing calls.

I have seen many posts about channel motif, jabber, and other additional files required, but those are a few years old and I don’t know if they apply to the Asterisk 11 and 12 “series” of versions or the 1.8 “series” of versions.

Can someone please point me to the most straightforward way to integrate my current build to my existing google voice account?

Thank you.

Google voice is a dead product use a real itsp.

i’m open to suggestions for something strictly for US inbound and outbound calls.

Asterisk GUI is a dead and unsupported product. Use bare Asterisk or FreePBX.

thank you very much, david.

i guess i’m just not familiar with all these different flavors of asterisk. the version i have, is on the asterisk website as a current version you can download, side by side with other versions, like version 12. i’m just not sure why there are these 2 different sequences.

the one i have i didn’t choose, it came with my Synology NAS drive, so for whatever reason Synology chose to bundle it on the NAS drive they did. That was my first introduction to Asterisk. Synology has updated that 1.8 version a few times for me up to the 1.8.13 version.

My house currently has 6 Cisco 79xx phones working fine within the house running that version, so we’ve got a nice little system running fine for intercom and calling room to room, which is great when i’m working in the garage.

i have a small business and only need a single outgoing trunk line, so I was hoping that all the work i put into getting the tftp server, sip files for the cisco phones, dial plans, users, extensions, and calling rules could just add one more thing on for domestic calls, a free SIP trunk, like google voice or if there is something better, that’s great.

I had no idea this version is so completely outdated that its useless. Thank you for pointing that out. I appreciate all the helpful feedback and suggestions.

It is the GUI configuration tool, and associated dialplans, that is obsolete. The underlying Asterisk is current., give or take minor versions.

So I’m getting the sense that using google voice as my lone sip trunk isn’t exactly current technology.

I am looking for a US domestic ONLY solution for a home based business with one line at the moment. Since my Asterisk solution is working internally, I just need to add a sip trunk. The reason for GV was that for US domestic calls, its free.

Can anyone recommend a simple to install SIP trunk provider for my needs?