OBi 200 GV Trunk...Can't translate from FreePBX

Hey guys,

I am running Asterisk on a Synology NAS, and am having a heck of a time trying to setup my OBi200 to be used as an outgoing trunk for Google Voice.

Google Voice is configured on the OBi, and works with a phone connected to the “phone” port.
The OBi200 is a working registered extension on the Asterisk server.

I have been trying to follow the instructions here:

Which include these settings:

[quote]The only thing left to do is configure your FreePBX trunk and your inbound route. Create a new SIP trunk and give it the same name you used for AuthUserID in the Voice Gateway settings. The ONLY things you need to set are the Trunk Name and the PEER details. The USER context and USER details can be left blank. Here’s how you configure these:
Trunk Name: Same as the Voice Gateway AuthUserID string.
PEER details:
defaultuser=Same as the Voice Gateway AuthUserID string and trunk name. NOT your Google Voice number!
secret=Same as Voice Gateway password
host=dynamic (this is important!!!)
deny= (optional but recommended)
permit= (optional but recommended – use sane values for YOUR local network)[/quote]

Needless to say these are for FreePBX and don’t match my interface.

I have been trying to manually edit the sip.conf file and the users.conf file…but I think I may be doing more harm than good.

Any help appreciated!


Contact Synology. They are supplying a well past end of life GUI, so should take responsibility for supporting it.

So I wrote the Sinology people about this. They said, back on November 20th, that they’d make a quick evaluation based on my suggestions that they stop distributing asterisk-gui. I haven’t heard anything more as of today. :frowning:

Thanks to you both for the response.

I too have written Synology and told them my issues. So far their response has been to contact Asterisk/Digium for support :unamused:

Since I didn’t think what I was trying to do was too complicated, I was hoping for some help here.

I would gladly install FreePBX, or a more up to date version of Asterisk…however I can’t seem to figure out how to do that on my Synology. I will keep reading…


Can you forward their e-mail response over to me? I’d like to run that past the people within their company that I’ve got contact e-mails for.

I’m my username at