Asterisk and 12connect SIP trunk setup; who has/knows the details?

Dear friends,

I have setup Asterisk/ on my synology. the trunk to (voip provider) shows up as “registered” in the dashboard of Asterisk, however I am unable to setup inbound / outbound calls.

Can someone support me in putting the right details in for this particular service provider?
Either via de GUI or on a system/conf file level are both fine. I can deal with either support :slight_smile:

I am looking into sip, extensions and users.conf, but dont know where to update any string.

look forward to any help from you guys,
Best regards
the netherlands.

Well post what you have in these files. Registering only is not enough you should write also the dialplan to make the call.

I have seems a lot people complaining about the synology GUI and the lack of support from this company. by default /etc/asterisk/sip.conf is where you configure the sip peers