Google sip trunk

Hi everyone I’m hoping somebody can shed some light on this for me as what is required to get it up and running again I give you a short work time and the modern trend achieve hopefully this will make it easier to understand

I have been successfully running Astrix the free PBX for over a year and a half And also All the Sip trunks and where Woking I was normal until a recent updat.

One of my sip trunks was a google voice trunk And this used to receive calls on my Nevada number 702 and off to make calls onto the Google voice network when they push the recent update for Google voice it broke the trunk on me and I have tried to reinstall it and it still dose not work.

Now here’s where it get complicated I can use the terminal interfaces to follow simple commands but I’m more a gui user.

So I am so lost as to what to do to fix this can any one help please

Google Voice is not supported, and Google themselves have stated that if you connect to their service in such a way you risk your entire account being terminated.

Jcolp thank you so much sir for you reply it is extremely appreciated I have to admit I really do love this asked for you get absolutely brilliant support from the members and a truly reliable information you have Saved me a lot of time and headache looking for fix, now I know I can terminate the Google voice service as it’s no longer any good to me if this is going to be the case

I find it extremely handy when it came to Google Voice for making voice calls to the US and Canada the only other service provider are use chargers and is not extremely cheap I hope you don’t mind me asking but is there anybody that is familiar with a decent voice package for Canada and the US for even free calls to the US on A sip trunk that not cost the world and once again jcolp thank you for your help

Our preferred provider of SIP termination services is This is a Sangoma product, so your or anyone else’s use of it directly sustains our work on Asterisk and FreePBX.

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