FXO X100P Detect Ring from Skutch Box Line Simulator

I have an Asterisk from source system running fine. Inbound and outbound calls from internal SIP phones/extensions through X100P card work great - when the card is connected to a standard CO trunk or to a particular phone switch.

But if I use a Skutch line simulator to simulate inbound calls/rings - Asterisk/X100P doesn’t see the ringing.

Asterisk does see the presence of the loop current from the Skutch because I get:

Apr 21 19:46:20 WARNING[9141]: chan_zap.c:5652 handle_init_event: Detected alarm on channel 1: Red Alarm Apr 21 19:46:21 NOTICE[9141]: chan_zap.c:5647 handle_init_event: Alarm cleared on channel 1
If I unplug the line.

I’ve looked over the parameters in ZAPATA.CONF and haven’t found anything that I thought would fix the problem. I am running in Kewl Start mode. I tried Loop Start and that didn’t work either.

I thought maybe I could add a custom ring cadence - but I wasn’t sure if that was for inbound or outbound rings. I also think the Skutch ring is pretty standard. I also thought about adjusting rx/txgain - but didn’t know what direction to go.

I think I just need to make the X100P more sensitive to rings.

Any thoughts?


Have you learned anything about this?

I am having a related problem. I have the X100P board running as FXO connected to my PSTN line. It works quite reliably, sometimes for weeks … until … every so often (it seems to only happen after somebody calls, gets the auto-attendant, and hangs up) I get a red-alarm:

Jun 30 09:49:41 WARNING[2630] chan_zap.c: Detected alarm on channel 1: Red Alarm

The only way that I can clear it is to disconnect the line and reconnect it.

I can’t really go “live” with this problem and I am not sure what is causing it.