Need hardware recommendation

Looking for a FXS card under $100 for at max 2 lines.


an ATA with T.38 compatibiltity. for under $100

well maybe I’d go a little higher on this equipment if it was highly recommended or if my price range is unrealistic.

This is for a home and 1 (future) office line.

I am currently running Trixbox 1.1 updated to the latest version on a P3 500 and will move to a vanilla install after I learn my VOIP concepts.

Are the Linksys/Sipura ATA good/worth the money??? Are these UNLOCKED boxes a scam?

Anyone know of some good values? Good vendors? Seems like this is all the rage now and don’t want to buy junk.


And what of these FXO/FXS adapters? Are these just stand alone devices in case you have a service? If I’m using * would I want/need one?


FXO/FXS cards are usually 70-85/port when maxed out, slightly more when you only have a few ports. If you have * you would need one to connect to an existing analog phone line (FXO) or to power/run an existing analog phone (FXS).

An ATA has FXS ports generally, you plug your phone into them.

For PCI cards get either Digium TDM400 series or Sangoma A200 series, they are available in a number of configurations to provide the number of ports you need.

Linksys/sipura ATAs are great. I’d get a real unlocked (-NA model) version rather than a Vonage one that’s been cracked. has been a useful reseller for me…