Network device instead of a PCI card

Currently I’m using a generic X100P card in my server.
Is there any networkable devices that could replace this
item so I can setup an Asterisk server w/o the need for
an add-on card to be installed? Something cheap for the
home user, nothing fancy for a corporate budget…


What do you mean by a network device? You can run Asterisk without any cards…

Because it needs to interface with my analog phone line.

I’m asking if there’s a device that can connect the analog
line to my LAN, so I can setup Asterisk to communicate w/
this device instead of a physical add-on card.


there may be others, but clipcomm has a couple of units like this (they talk to the PSTN and you talk to them via IP).

Ah, there are many of these out there… Called Analog telephone adapter(ATA).

Would these devices be different from the VOIP adapters
that I have used for connecting analog phones to my PBX?
Is there terminology I need to be using for my search that
may help me find what I’m looking for?


I have used ATAs for connecting analog phones to PBXs.
They can work in a reverse manner and allow my PBX to
talk through my analog phone line, too?


Sorry to hijack this thread, but you’re asking the same question …

I can’t use a Digium card because my Asterisk server doesn’t have any PCI slots (it uses SBus instead). Also I don’t think my DSL modem is new enough to know about QoS, so I’m considering upgrading the modem instead of buying an ATA.

I’ve been looking around various companies web sites to find which ATAs/DSL modems can act as an FXO as well as FXS, but the information is difficult to find. Many of them say their FXS has PSTN lifeline, and some of them think that means FXO but I need true FXO “i.e. incoming PSTN calls get routed to Asterisk”

I’ve noticed that Zoom do a 2800 ATA which says it can route PSTN to VoIP but the reviews say it answers the PSTN before routing the call (not very good if you’re at home when the phone rings, but not near the PC with softphone. I’d like it to ring the Analog phone simultaneous to routing to Asterisk). Zoom don’t specify if their X5v will route PSTN to VoIP and I haven’t got an answer from them on this.

Please can anyone tell me which ATAs or ADSL modems with builtin ATA can act as a proper FXO?

The answer to my question is I need an ATA with 1+ FXO port/s.

Sipura SPA-3000 seems to come up a bunch in my searches.
Also Grandstream (who has a $200 4-port FXO gateway, too).
I think that might be enough to get me going for now…


I see that the Grandstream HandyTone ATA488 is about $10 cheaper than the Sipura SPA-3102 but I’ve seen more people talk about the Sipura than the Grandstream.

Which one do people believe is better from your experience?

Also just noticed the Zyxel P-2602HWL-D1A ADSL modem/router/ATA which is only £90. Waiting to hear from Zyxel if it works as an FXO.

Has anyone used this router? and what do you think?

I had all kinds of echo problems w/ the FXO side of my sipura. No amount of tweaking would fix it either. I picked up a 4-port grandstream FXO and Video Surveilance (wtf?) adapter, and it works great. Build quality feels cheap and the web interface looks like something out of the early 90’s, but it works. No echo, and has been running strong for a few months now.

Thanks for your comments.

I just had a quick read through the Granstream manual and it says it does exactly what I want. “Forward call to VoIP: after 4 rings (configurable) if PSTN unanswered can fwd to VoIP extn.” So I can make this VoIP extn on my Asterisk server call my cellphone, and not have to pay the PSTN company for call diversion service and get cheaper costs on the fwded leg of the call. :smile:

Looking for a ADSL modem with these features seems to be an impossible task. Zyxel and Zoom say they’re routers can’t do it. :frowning:

Does anyone know of an ADSL modem/router/firewall/ATA that can be a proper FXO like this :question: