Which fxo adapter work with asterisk


we have an asterisk pbx runing in our company with freepbx and we want to connect it with the PSTN we have on telephone line … so i know we must get and fxo adapter my question is which fxo adapter or gateway should we get to connect asterisk with the pstn and we want to use the analog phones we already have


1- GXW4104 cost estimated $USD 200 . 4 FXO ports.

2-HT503 cost estimated $USD 50 . 1 FXO port/1 FXS PORT.

My vote goes to the Patton SmartNode 4110 series. It’s not the cheapest gateway out there, but it is very feature rich and stable.

If you would like to use a PCI card, you can check out the Digium analog telephony PCI cards.

thanks for answering

i have a another question dose spa 2102 or spa 3102 works because i can get these devices very cheep here where…

SPA2102 is just an ATA no FXO ports available. So you wont be able to connect the PSTN LINE. You can use the SPA3102 this one have 1 FXO & 1 FXS Port. You are looking for cheap devices in your Asterisk implementation so you cant be expecting outstanding results.

ok thanks, i think we are getting the Digium analog telephony PCI card i hop this work good

thanks allot for the support

hi, @ambiorixg12

I am meng here. If for spa112 cisco, can this be used to connect the asterisk pbx using my existing analog phone?