FreeTDS and MS-SQL with Asterisk RealTime

We have successfully setup and tested integration between Asterisk and MS-SQL. We are currently running about 70 simultaneous calls throughout the day however after some time our MS-SQL server (Windows 2008 64bit, SQL Server 2008) starts to increase it’s memory usage exponentially. The MS-SQL server CPU also pegs at around 90%+ and becomes unresponsive and cannot accept new connections. We are running Asterisk 1.8.6 currently. FreeTDS version is 4.2 and UnixODBC is 2.2.12. The kernel information is : Linux #1 SMP Thu Jun 18 12:36:07 EDT 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux. We are using Realtime and using FreeTDS to connect to the MS-SQL server where we control sip users, voicemail and so forth. This works fine however when we enable CEL and CDR into MS-SQL the server begins to grow in memory usage / CPU usage until the SQL server halts and stops taking new requests.

Anyone here ever used FreeTDS and Asterisk? We have opened a ticket as well through paid for services at Digium and one is in the works with Microsoft as well. Any help would be appreciated.



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However, the reason you aren’t getting an answer is almost certainly that you have a very specific combination of which no-one has experience.

Sorry rather than bumping again I accidently updated the previous bump which did not actually bump it but rather updated it. From the UI it appears though that I have bumped it twice in the same day which is not the case.

As an update we have opened a commercial ticket with Digium as well as Microsoft. So we’re exhausting every resource possible on this one. I agree this is a very specific combination of issues and the larger issue is finding an expert in both the Asterisk and Microsoft fields.