Realtime with MS SQL

To make dynamic configuration and integration with other applications as easy and flexible as possible, we’re considering using the realtime model of Asterisk 1.2

Of course, we want to use our SQL Server 2005 database servers for this.

We used FreeTDS before on Debian but for an entirely different project (Spamassassin).

Any guides / recommandations on how to configure this for Asterisk?
I’m sure other people here use MS SQL 2000 or 2005 in combination with Asterisk?

From readme.realtime:

[quote]Currently there are three realtime database drivers:

  • ODBC: Support for UnixODBC, integrated into Asterisk
    The UnixODBC subsystem supports many different databases,
    please check for more information.
  • MySQL: Found in the asterisk-addons cvs archive on
  • Res_perl: Found in the asterisk-addons cvs archive on[/quote]

MSSQL should work.

What worries me is this in readme.realtime:

+* FreeTDS not supported
+Due to architectural constraints in the FreeTDS libraries, FreeTDS is not
+supported for use with realtime at this time.

What is that supposed to mean?
Will it work just fine when using UnixODBC/FreeTDS?