Realtime & CDR with ODBC issue

Good Morning,

I’ve been battling this issue for a couple of days now, and have tried multiple things to get around it.

Here’s my setup:

Asterisk 10.5 (yum)
FreeTDS 0.82
MS SQL Server 2008 R2
CentOS 5.5

The issue I’m having is CDR will not work properly in multiple cases (I only require one of these two cases to work, but during my testing I found issues with both):

  • If I configure CDR through cdr_odbc.conf, I receive an error every time it tries to log something saying “CDR direct execute failed”

  • If I configure CDR through cdr_alternative_odbc.conf, I am able to make one phone call, it gets recorded into the database, but then Realtime stops working for a good 5 minutes, which prevents me from making any other calls. No errors get reported in the CLI.

If anyone has encountered this before, or knows of a way I could debug through this better - I would really appreciate the assistance.



Nvm - Figured it out.

Once I turned on ODBC Trace, I was able to figure it out.