Asterisk realtime not working


I am trying to implement asterisk realtime so that I can store sip users in my database rather than in sip.conf.

I have installed freeTDS and unixODBC in order to connect to my MS-SQL database which all works fine. I have also made the following entry into etc/asterisk/res_odbc.conf…

enabled => yes
dsn => MSSQLTestServer
pooling => yes
limit => 20
username => XXXX
password => XXXX
pre-connect => yes

By running a trace on the database I can see that a connection is made using the above login details whenever I start asterisk so I believe that asterisk itself has a succesfull connection.

I then modified /etc/asterisk/extconfig.conf so that is now looks like this:

sipusers => odbc,sqlserver,sipusers

I don’t know if I have missed something out but no changes that I make to extconfig.conf seem to have any effect, even if I put complete rubbish in there it doesn’t cause any errors to be displayed either on startup or in the logs.

Any suggestion on where I am going wrong?

I am running asterisk

I think v1.4 uses the ‘old’ method for extconfig.conf

file=> driver,database[,table] (eg. sipusers => odbc,database-name,sipusers)