Sql server CDR

I’m interested in posting CDR records to MS SQL server (asterisk 1.4). Looking at the info already, it doesn’t look like its setup easy to do out of the box and / or needs a pricey comercial lic’s. Has this changed and am I not looking in the right spots?

Look here voip-info.org/wiki/view/FreeTDS

Also I think recent version(1.4 onwards as I know) of asterisk has native tds driver so that you don’t have to use odbc.

Godson Gera
Asterisk Support India Hyderabad

According to the user-guide, FreeTDS works with MS SQL server 2000 (8.0) - and MS SQL server 7.0. My current platform is MS SQL SERVER 2005 based.

I installed freetds as explained from their website; now make menuselect (from asterisk) puts “XXX” in the freetds / cdr integration option.

Does anyone know what I need to do to compile asterisk and get it to recognize the freetds prerequisit?

make menuselect