FreePBX vs Asterisk CLI

I am new in this so I have some doubts.

  1. What is the difference between FreePBX and Asterisk CLI?
  2. Advantage and Disadvantage of both?
  3. Can I use python to make VoIP call if I will go with FreePBX?

Asterisk CLI is one user interface provided by Asterisk. It is mainly used for diagnostic purposes, and would be needed to diagnose FreePBX systems. As such it is not something you can compare with FreePBX.

FreePBX is a PABX, and web based GUI, implemented using Asteirsk and other tools. It creates abstractions, using Asterisk dialplan programs, which don’t exist as primitives in Asterisk. It also provides a web based GUI to configure the use of those abstractions.

Asterisk is still there, underneath, and, as long as you don’t do anything that conflicts with FreePBX’s dialplan programs, you can still use AMI Originate. For details, you would be better off using

A better comparison, in relation to the GUI aspects, would be between .conf files and the GUI, but FreePBX still uses .conf files as intermediates, and allows for user provided .conf files (included from its auto-generated ones). The GUI only allows you to configure within the constraints of the FreePBX abstractions; you cannot create arbitrary dialplan in a graphical way.

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