Force a call to an extension, no matter what it's status

I’ve posted a few questions previously here asking about Barge-In and calling multiple extensions.

Basically, I’m going to have many extensions, those extensions need to be able to receive a message (or a call essentially) at ANY time, no matter what they’re current status (off hook, on hook). The phones are Grandstream GXP2000 and 2020 models, so they both support Auto-Answer.

The last piece of the puzzle is essentially the forcing part. If the phone is available, then Auto-Answer meets our needs fine, however, we need a way to deliver the message even if the phone is in use, essentially we need to break in the channel and play the audio.

Paging all of the phones isn’t a problem, Auto-Answer by call info is working great, just this last piece.

Would I have to some how check to see if the extension is in use? If not in use, dial as normal, or if in use, break into the channel.

Any suggestions are -greatly- appreciated!



actually I do not have a solution for your problem, but I would be interested in it, too; especially in the paging part.

How does that work?

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I think your problem would be the client itself. You can’t send a call to a client and have it “barge in” if the client isn’t setup to do so.

Most phones I’ve seen use multiple lines or use Call-Waiting rather than allow a call to connect as a three-way conference, or placing a call on-hold and connecting another automatically.

Asterisk will route a call anywhere you want, under any conditions. The client (phone) is the controlling factor here. It’s ether going to tell Asterisk to send the call through or tell it that it’s busy.

This doesn’t seem so much like an Asterisk issue, as a client issue.

Perhaps you could fudge things and figure out a “line is busy” treatment where the two legs of a call in progress, and the new incoming call were sent to a spontaneously generated conference room, and connected as a three way call. Of course, you’d have to account for yet another call arriving while a conference is in progress, but that possible too.

The only function in asterisk right now that will let you “Barge in” ,that i know of , is the chanspy function with the option w or W option. Ok so I can tell you how to do it if you are paging only one phone ! :


Or something like that … but for all the phone I don’t know … I will look into it because I think its an intersting problem !