Giving a user an option to select which incoming call he wants to answer

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Quick questions, I hope you guys can point me in the right direction.

Is it possible for an extension two receive two incoming phone calls at the same time and let the user select which incoming call he wants to answer?

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It is , it will sound funny but when you have phone with more than 1 line you both lines rings and you answer the one you decide. But giving you a more elaborate technical answer you can put callers on some kind of holding slot using BridgeWait() or Parking() app

I see, so you put them to wait, and then you basically select which one you want to answer?
That gives me an idea to look for on google. Thank you @ambiorixg12 for your fast reply

If you put the callers on holds, the callee must have way to identify each of the callers on hold, and a way to un hold them.

I made a code a long time ago where the caller record his name and stay on hold and then the callee hear the message and decide if accept or not the call


Thank you!
That gives me an idea to get started.

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