For a callshop

Hello @all,

Here in france we have numerous of callshops who offers VOIP calls @ low costs.
Im one of them and I want to switch to an US provider because they offers the cheapest prices in the world.

I have some questions :

Im searching for a software that can track my customers calls (over a Grandstream GXW-4008 gateway) and that calculate total money they have to pays etc…

Is asterisk a such software ?
Where I can find a such software ?

Is tracking of my customers calls possible over the Grandstream gateway ?

I know of some one that has a paid solution. PM me for details. A2billing may support what you need but I am unsure as I have not used it in a while.

If you have a good php programmer and a technican with knowledge of Asterisk on hand, Asterisk is the right solution, in combination with AGI and PHP you can build this kind of software within 8-10 days, if you do not have the knowledge (Asterisk and PHP) go and buy a out of the box solution or use one of the services on the net (like net2phone) they have solution for the callshop business.

With Asterisk it is easy to setup such a system, If you have the right engineer otherwise it will become a nightmare


maybe u can try astercc, it’s designed for hosted callshop solution, just need a browser to check fee