Please help

Hi there everyone
Please i need some help i have been researching for about a few years and no luck with no real answers i have setup a working asterisk box that is working with the major features

but my question is what do i need to be able to start of voip company so that i can offer voip calls so the users connect to my asterisk server and i can then rout the calls to pstn lines

do i need to use the telco company with tdm cards in my asterisk server if it is there would not actually be saving on calls on my side and how do i allocate my own numbers

Please if someone could help me out with this i would really appreciate it

I am in the VOIP whole sale market and in my opinion there is not a lot out there. There will always be a company that will be cheaper that you. You have to think not just about offering phone calls but offering services. You need a reason for the customer to come to you. For some it is dedicated support for others it is a list of rich features that they offer.

I also think that just using an asterisk box is looking for problems. You need fail over/redundancy. I would use HeatBeat with OpenSER.

Lastly it is all about volume. The more you use the cheaper your rate gets. It is hard to say if TDM or VOIP would be cheaper. When talking about offering minutes to a customer it is all about buying it at one rate and selling it another. For instance I can get a PRI in NYC that is unlimited to NYC for a few hundred dollars a month. You have to find ways of getting it at a price where you can make a profit and offer the minutes at a competitive rate.

If you are first getting in to the VOIP/Telecom business be warned that there will be many sleepless nights (atleast in the beginning). Thus being said I would first start by using a white label solution to get your feet wet and go from there.