Recent Billing system

I’ve been using a2billing for some years now - that project has died quite some years ago and the last rollout I’ve done has involved heavy dockerization to have it running, in order to have it on a recent debian.
I am not overly happy with that solution, and I am looking at a new solution, to perform real time rating, monthly postpaid billing (and issue statements), rate management, payment management. I’ve looked into Github, nothing really operational & working. Best I could find is Magnus billing, which seems to have halted about a year ago, and more importantly, does not do monthly statements & payments.

Any suggestions about this type of software ? Opensource or (reasonably) paid ?


What you are looking for is more than what Asterisk driven billing software does. You will need something more like OneBill or other telecom based billing systems and that is going to require either a big up front cost or a MRC or both.

if you can write software, it’s not too hard to write your own billing.

you can look in cdr table, it have full information for you to calculate cost for each call.

I guess it depends on what kind of billing you are doing. Writing your own telecom billing software that does everything like a normal telecom is expensive and the cost of that, including having all the features like taxes for local, federal, etc. is going to add to the costs.

This starts to become a thing where you have to sit down and do some serious maths and figure out what is more beneficial over all. In the end, it was cheaper to go with a third party that does this than for me to write it myself.

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