First time user

I just started with the company that i am working for, 3 weeks ago. The person that ran the IT dept before me passed away unexpected. When i started everything here was scattered, cables everywhere. I got to a certain point of this network where i can’t find access to my asterisk box. Like i said i am new to asterisk, and have no clue which box it is, and how to access it.

I would like to know how can i identify my asterisk box, and access it. I know it handles our phones and voicemail and what not, but i don’t know how to access it.

I know this probably one of the dumbest question in this entire forum, but any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Look at the network documentation.

If that is incomplete, but you have information on IP addresses, look at the configuration of a phone to see what address it tries to register to.

If you don’t have IP address maps, but do have a Unix/Linux box on the same sub-net, use the arp command to find the MAC address. That will at least tell you the manufacturer of the network card.

You could also try SNMP, just in case it is suitably configured.

Turn on the monitor on each machine and see if you get a Linux type display, and maybe even information about the purpose of the machine or its domain name.

Failing all that, shut down each machine in turn and find out which one breaks VoIP but nothing else.

If there is a record of the password, use ssh on the known IP address.

If there is not, use standard techniques for breaking into a Linux system to which you have physical access. This is not the place to describe those.

Read the book at, and reverse engineer the configuration. Note you may have an older version than in the book, and it may be configured using a GUI, which you will have to identify so as not to be overwhelmed with detail from the GUI implementation.

Make a mental note to document the network properly and maintain that documentation in real time.