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Hi, Folks,
I´m pretty new here and I am no developer or softwareguy. To be honest, I don´t even know, if I´m right here.
I moved over to VoIP last year with my company. The co who installed all the stuff, phones, and Asterisk Server, went bankrupt End of 2009, escaped to wherever and let me allone with no documentation. Now my provider told me to change access and password, because my Server got cracked and is used from outside. With no documentation, i do not get into the system. So I do not have Username and password, in order to that, I´m not able to enter the system.
So my q to You, is there any “masterpassword” or masteraccess. I have username and password for the programming interface, connecting to our CRM, but this does not work as general pass. Or can I use it to enter the system from “behind”.
Whith this access I can enter the trixbox, does that give me any other access??

Thank You very much for Your help

If the user/password you need is that for Linux, not for booting the machine, and you have physical access to the machine, and especially if the machine is bootable from alternative media, it is possible to reset the password. Physical access alone may be sufficient, depending on how the OS is configured - I don’t know the details for Trixbox.

If there were a master password, which there should not be, I hope no-one would tell it to you here. I’m personally uncomfortable about telling you how to exploit physical access to break into the machine, as I suspect that too many people don’t provide adequate physical security for their machines. In my view, you need to find a competent Linux system adminstrator who knows you personally. It is also possible that someone here will have the time to authenticate you over the telephone, etc.

All this assumes that the original installer was competent enough to change the password. I’m also assuming that you don’t have the root account credentials.

Thank You very much for quick reply. Yes I have physically access to the Server, and I fully understand your uncomfortability, I would have the same. This is also the reason, why I need to have access to the machine, because my provider informed me, that someone calls over my server into foreign high price countries. So I´m a victim in this case. So I´m also not a linux specialist and not really interested into it.
In the meantime I found an Asterisk Specialist nearby, who will show up in 2 hours to check the machine and try to help.
Thank You very much again, maybe I´ll come back to You next time, when I´m in trouble again.