Asterisk Newbie-I could use your help please


I am trying to get myself up to speed with a couple of Asterisk boxes we have that are going to be used for VoiceMail recordings. Basically, we are terminating a DS-3’s worth of traffic into a Cisco AS5400 and then into our 2 Asterisk boxes. I have been able to log into the root directory of the box. What I would like to try and do is see how I can look to find the number of calls that have hit the box? What is the current .wav file it is playing.

I was playing around and don’t understand the CLI functionality or how to get there from the “root” or how to change directories. Our normal person is out sick and if he’s gone again, I would like to learn and be able to do some basic functions, like capture the number of calls? How many active sessions are there?


I -bash: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds: is a directory
root@vhost4:~# cd
root@vhost4:~# /etc/asterisk
-bash: /etc/asterisk: is a directory


My suggestion for all beginners is to start with this book:

The book will walk you through downloading and compiling Asterisk, how a dialplan works and some basic pointers on troubleshooting and call logging. You’ll need some basic understanding of SQL but he covers the bare necessities in the book. The rest can be found on Google.

If you are not comfortable with Linux then I would suggest Ubuntu, CentOS or OpenSUSE for your first distro. Download, burn and install. I had to go Cold Turkey and convert my Windows machine to linux for a couple of years. This forced me to fully use and understand how the OS works. This information is important for a full understanding of Asterisk.

Good luck!