First time installation, no tech help

Good afternoon all,

I am a teacher at a small private school in Barbados, and we’ve recently made the decision to set up a PBX system of some sort. I remember in my old school we used asterisk, although I never had a hand in configuring or managing it (since I’m just a teacher).

Unfortunately here we don’t have any I.T personnel (recently fired because we can’t afford it) and we don’t have a lot of money either, so as the tech-iest of the teachers I’ve been charged with this task (over my summer holidays)

We currently have 8 phone lines, but the word on the street is we will be getting at least 2 more.

One of these lines is also a fax line.

The plan is to set up the PBX so we can have phones in every classroom, which will be about 20.

I’m thinking about getting the AEX2400 card for a computer we will put together. Plus 20 or so yealink sip phones.

I’m not too sure what else i will be needing, nor how to really configure asterisk. I am a quick learner, and can probably figure out most things pretty quickly.

any help would be awesome.

you can learn from here . you can use GUI solutions as well . ( FreePBX distro, AsteriskNow , Elastix ,etc )