First crack @ Asterisk as a Proxy ?!?

Hi all,

We have a provider sending us SIP (fax T.38) and I need a Proxy as I connect to Audio Codes Mediagateway in order to convert SIP to PSTN T1 CAS.

How do I have to setup Asterisk as a Proxy (session controller) type? I dont need any call features what so ever, just the ability to proxy SIP calls to my 4 different Mediagateway’s.


Asterisk is not a SIP Proxy but only works as a B2BUA, you are better off looking at OpenSER if you are looking for a SIP Proxy with no need for call services that Asterisk is good at. Although, I am not entirely clear on what you need to do, so not sure exactly the best set up.

what I have is this:

Cisco 3640 router

Audiocodes Mediant2000 16SPAN Media Gateway.

T1 Fax Server

I need the incomming SIP sessions to hit a Proxy and have the proxy route the calls to my 4 different Mediant2000’s based on availability and roundrobin/loadbalancing.

So the Asterisk can’t do this?

If it is taking inbound SIP requests and routing those to the SIP interfaces of the gateways, based on resource balancing, that then convert to PSTN, then OpenSER is more appropriate. This presentation may assist in understanding the key differences and when to use each: … terisk.pdf

Does openSER have a GUI and a complete distro like AsteriskNOW ?

Web interfaces, two:

As for a ‘Soft Appliance’ like, I am not aware of one, but installation is not difficult.

More info on OpenSER here as well.

Lastly, using Asterisk as a SIP proxy is not advised, but you could probably kludge it together.