Asterisk sip proxy

New to the site (and asterisk) and I’m wondering if it’s possible to configure asterisk as a SIP proxy to receive calls from / send calls to a Cisco Callmanager (version 7.0.2).

I’m hoping to enable Asterisk clients (generally running voip software on their laptops) to make calls to our Cisco callmanager phones, and vise versa.


Asterisk acts as a B2BUA, not as a SIP Proxy, see Kamailio/OpenSIPS

On the other hand, it is not at all clear that OP actually wants a SIP proxy. It looks like they may really want a tandem switch, which is fairly basic stuff.

Sorry for any confusion - I’m very new to Asterisk, and to voip in general, so I may have used the wrong term: The end result I’m looking for is to be able to place calls from a Cisco 7945 IP Phone (running off our Cisco Call Manager) to a VOIP client (Blink in this particular case) running off Asterisk NOW.

Is that possible, and if so, are there any guides in place for setting this up?


Okay, so you need to get Blink talking to Asterisk (sip.conf) and you need to get your Cisco CM talking to Asterisk (sip.conf and some Cisco config). No guidance from me, sorry, I know nothing of trunking between CM and Asterisk.

Sounds about right; getting Blink working with Asterisk was easy; I think it’s getting asterisk and Cisco CM together, so that clients of either service can communicate, that’s going to be the hassle (Assuming it’s possible)

Asterisk to CUCM is easy. I’m not familiar with AsteriskNOW, and this is not he place for AsteriskNOW, but a very basic, unauthenticated, static IP address peer will deal with the Asterisk side. I don’t deal with the CUCM side, but it should be a fairly standard SIP trunk on that side as well.