Hi Everyone,

Many of here might have done Asterisk+openSER setup. I need some help. On 2 different systems I have Asterisk & openSER. both are working fine indepandently. SIP phones are getting registered. Now, i want to use Asterisk’s additional feature and integrate openSER+Asterisk.

I am not able to get this worked by using WIKI help document. … th+OpenSER

Would request any suggestions. I have production asterisk, but in next few months i need to increase the number of SIP Phones to 300, which Asterisk may not be able to support alone (i read some where - if i am wrong, please let me know). Any suggestion or document reference will be a great help.


Please explain “I am not able to get this working”. What issues are you having ? Also what is working (if anything) ?

I installed openSER+mySQL and Asterisk. created DB structure as mentioned in the realtime integration document. my cisco sip phone got connected to openser and i am able to call x-lite sip phone from cisco & vice-versa.

not able to check voicemail or use asterisk dialplan to connect to PSTN. not able to receive calls from PSTN.

if i understand the document properly, i need to modify the routing logic on openser.cfg to talk to asterisk server for PSTN & VM., but when i paste the same from those help pages, my openser is throwing errors.

can i get some help or, may be wokring openser.cfg file to read & understand.


Can some share their openser.cfg file that was configured to talk to Asterisk VM and PSTN access. I am desperately looking for a solution.