Extensions do not ring


I have a problem with my asterisk server and I was wondering if anyone would give me a hand. Here where I work we have a call-center that only receives calls from the outside. The asterisk server was configured by someone I don’t know in 2007 and has been working like that.
Since 2007 they only had 20 phones and now they want to add 5 more. I created the extensions and the 5 extra phones are able to register (by the way the phones are Linksys SPA 921). So far so good…

The problem is the 5 extra phones only ring when all of the others are occupied, and the 20 extra ones don’t. Seems like when there is an incoming call is checks to see if some of the 20 first are free and redirects the call to one of that group and only after that it checks for the final 5. As you can see the last 5 only ring ocasionally. The objective is that the phones ring according to the number that is dialed from the outside, where the 3 last digits represent the extension of the phone.

One of the problems I am facing is that the server is located a bit far and the only way I can have access to it is by going to where it is located. I want to keep the amount of travels to a minimum.
I have a backup made before adding the 5 extra extensions, so I can provide any file content.

If anyone has suggestions on how to solve this I would be very glad since this is very important.

Thanks in advance,

Asterisk itself provides relatively low level call processing functions. The details you are describing here are built on top of this by the contents of various configuration files. What you are asking for is help on those configuration files, but we can’t know what is in them unless you provide them to us.

The sort of effects you are describing are likely to be controlled by extensions.conf and queues.conf, although sip.conf may also be relevant.

First of all, thanks for the quick response. The file queues.conf is all commented and the only lines that aren’t are these:

#include queues_custom.conf
#include queues_additional.conf

The file queues_custom doesn’t exist and the queues_additional is empty. The other files I can supply them to you if necessary. Any email where I can send them?

The file extensions.conf is 859 lines long so looking at it it’s not an easy task. I have been looking at it for a few days and I can’t seem to find anything that I can say it’s causing the problem.

Thanks in advance,