Incoming calls not working


We recently added a second trunk to our asterisk server which I wanted to ring directly to an extension. I’ve got that part working, however the extension doesn’t ring - when someone calls the outside number they get a few milliseconds of a ring and then the call goes right to voicemail.

However, if I call the extension directly (ext to ext) calls work fine both ways. they can call me, I can call them and we can both hear and talk fine.

the problem is, I’m not sure if this is an asterisk thing or hardware related.

I say this because this extension also has a wireless adapter as there’s no ability for a wired connection at this particular location. However, as I said the phone works fine extension to extension.

I was thinking perhaps it could be firewall rules which are not allowing outside calls into the phone but I’m not sure.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

I should mention that our trunks are SIP and the first trunk has been working fine.

Sounds like a macro issue or something with how you have the incoming call routing in extensions.conf.

Can you post that part of your conf file?

What happens if you take the voicemail rollover out? You should be able to configure that trunk to ring that extension indefinitely. Once that works, add the voicemail rollover back in.

Hope that helps.

Got it figured out - I had a rule that was to send calls based on the trunk they come in, but they were set at priority 1

IE I had:
exten = callinnumber1,1,(wheretosendcallto,s,1)
exten = callinnumber2,1,(wheretosendcallto,s,1)

so I changed teh second to:
exten = callinnumber2,n,(wheretosendcallto,s,1)

and it seems to have cleared up my problem.

Thanks for the help!