New extensions not ringing

Hi, I’ve inherited an Asterisk system - added two new extensions to the system, but the new extensions are not ringing - I’ve created the new users following the way the old extensions were set up by making the necessary entries in extensions.conf and sip.conf, but the new extensions are not ringing with incoming calls.

Here are the relevant snippets of these conf files, any help much appreciated :smile:
------ sip.conf---------

;new extension added Jan 2013

exten => 21,1,Dial(SIP,21)
exten => 21,n,HangUp()
exten => 26,1,Dial(SIP,26)
exten => 26,n,HangUp()

exten => 21,hint,SIP/21

At the CLI prompt, do:

sip show peers
sip show users
core set verbose 3

Then make an outgoing call on one of the extensions and post the result here, after obscuring any sensitive data.

You may use a larger number than 3, for the verbosity.

My initial assumption is that the phones have not been configured properly and are unable to register.

The Dial command is wrong you are using Dial(SIP,21) instead Dial(SIP/21).

Hi ,
When I set it to be verbose I realised the problem, there was a line in the extensions.conf file that dialled all the extensions on an incoming call when certain conditions were met (outside office hours calls diverted elsewhere etc.), so I had to add the new extensions to the list of extensions to dial:


Thanks :smile: