Error compiling zaptel on suse linux kernel 2.6.16

Hey Guys,

I am unable to compile zaptel on my Suse 10 with kernel 2.6.16, I have installed all the packages needed but it still gives me the make *** linux error 2 when I try to make the kernel. I have heard alot people having this issue but where ever I go they it states that it was only in 2.6.9 kernel and it should be fixed by a patch. Every thing is updated on my computer using Kpackage, I am using Suse Slick 10. I already tried compiling asterisk and installing it, that works fine only zaptel is the problem. I also compiled sounds, addons and stuff they worked fine but zaptel dosent. Anybody have any ideas??

Do I have to edit the make file or anything… need help here

Post some of the output from when you compile zaptel it will be easier to see whats going on.


I’ve been using Suse Linux 10 for a while and haven’t had any problems compiling Zaptel. Normally when this happens it is because the kernel-source package isn’t installed or needs to be updated.

Yast -> Software -> Install and Remove Software

Search for ‘kernel-source’. Install the package, it’s quite large.

Try recompiling.

After running YOU (Yast Online Update) kernel updates you need to restart your computer, and reload the kernel-source package.

Yast -> Software -> Install and Remove Software

Search for ‘kernel-source’. Update the package.

If this doesn’t do the trick, you will need to cut and paste the exact error messages.


I just compil zaptel on a clean kernel.

I had to comment a ligne in file (somthing usb) where it try to set a owner varible for the module.

And on another module there is a rtc_interrupt fonction that need to be rename at two places beacause there is now a rtc_interrupt function inside linux and definied in rtc.h

I install it and load manually some module, nothing crash !

i will try it with my new TDM card tonight. (I am a newbie in asterisk)

good luck

i dont really require zaptel because i have no digium hardware and i m not planning to use it. so i think I can just install asterisk without zaptel and other stuff with it. i m in process of installing freepbx hope everything goes good

If you down zaptel-1.2.5 from the asterisk home page, It is 2.6. aware and compile without problem.

Now I need a lots of aspirin to understand Asterisk itself.