RESOLVED: Zaptel compile fails on kernel 2.6.24

This is already noted as bug 11141 in bugs at

where the issue is noted as fixed.

I have zaptel 1.4.8 that I am trying to compile against the full release of kernel 2.6.24 and still get the problem noted in the above issue (SuSe 10.1). I tried a couple of the suggested workarounds but no joy.

What is the proper protocol here, I don’t see a button to reopen the issue 11141, so should I open a new issue? It seems like the wrong thing to do.


I ran into the same problem but on a different Zaptel disty. I found that CentOS 4.6 is a pretty good Asterisk environment and everything I need compiles there. You may want to give it a try.



Thanks but it should work on suse, it has up to now.

I checked out the SVN and now it compiles perfectly against my kernel.