Zaptel 1.2.7 compile fails on my SuSe 9.0

Using Suse 9 linux 2.6; compile fails but I am not sure at what point. One of the issues is that by the time I hit Ctrl+C to interrupt there have been so many error messages that the original point is lost.

If later messages are a guide, vpm450m.c may be involved.

All previous versions of zaptel 1.2 including 1.2.6 have compiled fine on this machine, using make linux26. Hints would be appreciated.

This probably sounds really basic and you probably all ready thought of it, but…

Did you remember to stop Asterisk prior to make install? Did you make clean?

I am using fedora Core 4.

I have found 3 problems with the compilation on SuSE 10.0

  1. The the fault listed by colbec: there appear to be some headers that did not make it in from the svn trunk to the release. octdef.h is the 1st problem. Removing vpm450m.c & .o from Makefile fixes. vpm450m.c is new since previous. Used “make 2>&1 | more” to track it down, I do not know if it’s essential … because…

  2. Then I get:

Building modules, stage 2. MODPOST Warning: could not find versions for .tmp_versions/zaptel.mod

and it will not finish the build.

  1. There’s a bit missing out of pciradio.c

#ifdef LINUX26 #include <linux/moduleparam.h> #endif

without which it will not compile. The previous version had this prob too.

So, I have had to abandon zaptel 1.2.7 for the moment. Hopefully this will save someone else some time looking for these ones!

ajmahler: yes, thanks for the suggestion, I did stop asterisk and make clean. No difference. Are you confirming that zaptel 1.2.7 compiles correctly on FC4 without modification?

jedi98: thanks for confirming missing parts. I too will hold off until fix available.

Yes, Fedora 4 => zaptel 1.2.7 compiles correctly on FC4 without modification.

Not only that, but zttest indicated many more 100% Hits on the test then ever before!


As an update on this issue, I did contact Digium who told me that indeed there is an issue with the zaptel 1.2.7 tarball on some systems. SuSe 9.0 is, in my experience, one of those. Evidently the current version of zaptel in svn has been fixed.

I downloaded the svn version and then ran into more issues with newt.

I located newt, found I had to install slang and slang-devel first, did so and then found that yast still thought that was not there. was in /usr/libs so I created a symlink to this file as but this was just a stab in the dark and did not resolve the situation. No newt, no zaptel 1.2.7.

I tried the svn trunk on SuSE 9.1 too but I got the same problems + newt. I got newt installed. Then I was back where I started.

The octdef.h etc problem seems to be a working dir issue since all the .h’s are there but it cant find them.

I still have no idea about the module version thing.

Update: looks like the trunk will compile now IF I take out the references to vpm450m.o from the makefile and fix pciradio.c (#include <linux/moduleparam.h>). I still don’t understand why pciradio.c is compiling for anyone at all (anyone on 2.6 kernal that is).