Polycom Soundpoint IP 501 -missing config files(need factory

I was trying to upload a new config file to one of my phones and I messed it up. Phone keeps rebooting, config no good. The file is .cfg. Does anyone know where I can get a factory config file? Can someone send me a basic config that can get the phone started so I can get back to where I was. Is there a way to pull an exisiting cfg file off of a working phone so I can copy it to the broken phone?


Peter Borghard

if you have a good config for another phone, change the filename to 000000000000.cfg (12 zeros).

if the polycom cannot find it’s own config file, it will fall back on the generic one indicated by a filename with 12 zeros.

all of this is on the wiki, BTW, along with links to the factory firmware/files - voip-info.org/wiki-Polycom+Phones