Which Linux distibution for Asterisk

Anybody got an opinion on this?

I am having difficulty deciding which Linux distribution to use for installing asterisk - I used RedHatAS v4 and found numerous problems when having to install additional programs such as gcc, bison etc. PS I am new to linux so do not understand what is wrong when they do not compile.

Which would be the best Linux distribution to use bearing in mind that I am new to Asterisk, but do not wish to use AsteriskNow.


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ask 2 people that question and you’ll get at least 4 opinions !!

it sounds like you want to go for a well-supported package-based distro. CentOS always seems to be a popular choice, hence the TB guys (and others) using it for their base systems.

my main system started life as a ClarkConnect 3.2 box but has been through a few changes. if you want a small multi-functional box either to learn with, or for a home/small office install, it’s what i would suggest … but maybe version 4.0.

see … 1 person … 2 opinions :smiley:

Tried and so far ok:

Deb3.1 and FC5.

Which is easier for me: Deb3.1

try suse it comes with asterisk binaries

Our current Production systems are on FC-4

However we are currently ready to roll out on Fedora Core 6, were just making sure that all ends are tied off neatly before we do the roll out.

I am a big fan of Fedora, but i also know that Centos are damn stable for Asterisk as well.



thanks guys/girls

Appreciate the info

Cent OS seems to be one thats lots of guys like. I believe Asterisk Now uses it as well as trixbox.

AsteriskNOW beta 4 use rPath Linux, another Redhat-base distro, very lightweight. I still prefer Centos and the Trixbox approach, but we’ll see when AsteriskNOW will be Final :smile:

Hi there,

13 production systems, 9 with Fedora Core 5, 4 with Fedora Core 6, all with asterisk 1.2 branch, working perfectly.



Don’t you have problems with echo and/or choppy sound?


How would one go about to create an “embedded tiny” Asterisk solution that would run from a SDRAM card and not a hard disk?

Though technically more involved, this a feat I would love to accomplish.


THere are some companies already designing and make it run like appliance-based asterisk…

Hi, i´m completely new at asterisk.

I have nerver worked in linux, and I heard about an asterisk version that run over windows, what can you say about that? :question:

Also i would like to develop, something like a planner, manged from a central pc, that distribute orders and jobs to many others pcs in the net. so do you think asterisk is the right choice for this? :question:


[quote=“Rivoscar”]Hi, i´m completely new at asterisk.

I have nerver worked in linux, and I heard about an asterisk version that run over windows, what can you say about that? :question: [/quote]

Uhm dont waste your time… :confused: :confused: :confused: Asterisk is best suited for Linux, whilst there has been a port to a Window$ based platform, it is not ideal and i have seen and heard of many problems with the ported version, sometimes it is just best to work your way around it running Linux, the end result will be a much more reliable system IMHO.

Can you possibly elaborate a little further on this?

Do you want to use something like SugarCRM and when you say “to many other pcs on the net.” do you mean the local network or other PC’s on the Internet?

For something like this it can help a lot if your more specific about what you want.



I mean local network, the idea is that I´m in command of a gruop of 100 people, and i need to cordinate meetings, and send orders to those people, actually i do it via cell phone, so i waste my time talking and talking.

The idea is a planner, in which I plan my time, and for example i want “peter” to go to a meeting at 8:00 on friday. SO I search Peter´s pc in the network and by this palaner this info is sent to the destination, and then in something like a schedule, in friday at 8:00, peter will see, !meeting! And I will no waste my time talking to everybody, just send orders!!

Excuses for my english :blush: