{VERY NEWBIE]what linux distribution is best for asterisk


I would like to know what do you think about the best linux distribution to use for asterisk ?

When i say the best, i mean the one that is the easier to install asterisk and also the one that it is the easier to install most card and there drivers.

As i want to learn to use linux, i think the best is to have your opinion before.

Thank you very much.

PS. I am sorry my english is not good at all.

I’m currently running Suse 9.3 and it’s working well for me. There are only two draw backs.

1.) When you install the Zaptel drivers you have to make sure to configure UDEV to complete the installation.

2.) Suse 9.3 comes with Zaptel drivers already but they are old, so if you want to compile and run the newest Zaptel drivers & Asterisk then you need to remove the old ones first.

Both drawbacks are minor though and only take a few extra minutes to setup.

I’m not saying that Suse 9.3 is the best ( cause I’ve never used Asterisk on a different distro ) but only that I’ve have a good experience with it so far.

Good Luck,

Another option is Debian GNU/Linux - no problems with installtion, configuration or functionality of Asterisk PBX.

But there is no exact answer - you can use whatever Linux distro you like and have expirience with it.

I have expirience only with Debian GNU/Linux, so my final answer is : TEST and find your Linux distro that matches your expectations


Thank you for your answer.

But for example, i saw that avm fritzcard has drivers precompiled only for suze.

So what i wanted to know, is what distribution is the easier to use with the most cards as suze is the easier with fritzcard because it is precompiled.

But as my english is not good i thnk i can not clearly say what i mean…

Try using Suse 9.3, if you are looking for the simplest install of Asterisk that will probably be it. It comes with precompiled & installed Zaptel drivers ( drivers for Digium cards ), and there is an available RPM which will install Asterisk. You can very easliy and quickly have Suse & Asterisk up and running without compiling a single line of code. It is all done for you. It sounds like that is what you are looking for.


Hey Guyz! I installed Asterisk on Suse 9.3 and i configured Zaptel Drivers Successfully. I compiled the stable version of Asterisk and Zaptel. … but i failed to install AMP on it. I probably pointed to the wrong apache root. I manged to view the main page of the AMP, but when i click on the link it said permission denied or something. Anyone can help me solve this problem? Any guides out there that is good for me? Thankz Guyz!

If you want it to be easy use Asterisk@home. You can find an iso at http://asteriskathome.sourceforge.net/

With a few clicks it will guide you through the installation of both Red Hat Linux and Asterisk. AMP is also installed and ready to use after the installation. It took me about 40 minutes to finish the installation and I must say it’s a pretty good way to start with asterisk :smiley:

Good luck for you all!

I think it runs quite well on several different distributions but by far the most tested is RHEL 3.0. If you don’t want to pay for RH support you can use WBEL or CentOS which are 100% binary compatible with RHEL.

RHEL3, WBEL3 or CentOS3 are the most logical choices by far IMHO.

Asterisk with Zaptel also runs well on Fedora Cora (tried 2,3, and latest 4)