E-mail drives me crazy


I used to have sendmail forward voicemail from Asterisk. Somehow it stopped working a few months ago. Now i’m pulling my hair out to get it working again. I tried so much, that I can’t recall what’s the exact problem.

Sendmail: normally i eddit smarthost in sendmail.cf, and it works. Now they invented some mc file, that I can’t see the advantage of. Anyway, sendmail gives me headages with dns/mx problems. I don’t understnd the details.

Postfix: same problem

SSMTP: I can send mail from command line, but asterisk can’t send mail

It’s not my ISP smtp server, because ssmtp works.

I really spend DAYS on this, and don’t know what to do…

Please give me the golden hint…



look at the sticky at the top of this forum… perhaps that will solve your problem.