Voicemail Sendmail with XMAIL


I have installed Asterisk.
On the same machine i have Xmail with sendmail.

When a call arrives to voicemail, the message is stored but no email is sent to the recipient.

I have all the mailboxes configured with email.
I can ping the Domain mail server myhost.com
I can use sendmail from command prompt
On Voicemail.conf I have "mailcmd = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t
I see the Xmail SMTP log but i cant see no tries…

Help needed please… I’m neewe

try /usr/bin/sendmail -tf a@valid.address

i try that too… nothing.

if i use sendmail in command line it works fine.

Did you add
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

or a reasonable facsimile to voicemail.conf?

Yeah… i have included that…

I too was having problems using the sendmail installation, so I just ended up installing ssmtp. It works pretty well, but my problem is sending to both an email address, and an sms to a cell phone. The two use different ports 8025 and 25 and I haven’t figured a way to allow both.

Basically what I am saying is ssmtp works, was relatively easy to setup, and did I mention it works?

Good luck