Voicemail email alerts


We recently had to move our mail server to a new box due to it being a little unstable. I decided to disable the send connectors on the old box and setup on the new box. The result of this was that voicemail from the Asterisk PBX would no longer get emailed to the user, after re-enabling the receive connector on the old box emails started to come through again. I wondered if there was a setting on asterisk that told it which mail sever to use in an organisation or am I looking at a purely mail server issue?


MTA issue. Asterisk submits to sendmail on the local machine.

Thanks for the reply. I have had a look through the sendmail.cf file but can find no reference to which mailserver it looks to, assuming that is how the configuration works. What do I need to change on the PBX server in order ot rectify the issue pleaase?

If you really don’t have a smarthost configured (you probably need to check both sendmail.cf and submit.cf), you will need to fix the MX record in your DNS server.

I had already looked at the sendmail.cf and submit.cf files and could not find any reference to our mail server, then i spotted “MX record” and remembered the basics… Ihave now created an MX record in DNS and will be testing today.

Many thanks for your help, i’d have been scratching my head for ages…