Voicemail to Email doesn't work (asterisk 1.6, sendmail)

My server running debian, Asterisk 1.6, FreePBX, SendMail.
I tried to do that: voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … email.conf
A. there wasnt a “SMART_HOST” line so i pasted what they suggested just in the middle of the page (somewhere empty) - is that ok?
B. after I finished everything (and restarted everything) I still don’t get any email message (not even the notifications for updates and such), I can see all of these emails in /var/spool/mail/asterisk, but I have no idea how to even start checking what causes the problem.
C. I dont really like the idea of using other SMTP server (the manual suggest to type the ISP/other mail account there), Wouldn’t be easier to just setup smtp server on this machine for Asterisk emails only?

Any tips would be great, I’m a total newbie to Asterisk.
Thanks in advance (:

Depending on what you pasted, that may or may not work.
If you pasted content that resulted in multiple contexts of the same name, or multiple general contexts, that might not result in a working solution.

What’s wrong w/ using an SMTP relay that you’ve already got access to?


Thanks for the fast reply (:
I’m sorry but I didnt really understand everything you said.
I tried to use SMTP server we have like they suggested on the article. because none of the mails get to its recipients and I have no clue how to start check what is the problem, I suggested to run an SMTP server on the same machine. do you think it will work? do you have any guess what is my current problem? tip to check why and on which “step” the emails stucked?

Thanks (:

First you have to be successfull with sending e-mails from your Asterisk server command line. I am using ssmtp for sending e-mails from the linux command line (asterisk also uses it for sending voicemail notifications). It’s a simple program that is eazy to set up. It makes no sense running Sendmail only for sending e-mails via command line (at least from my point of view).

voicemail to email feature will work with ssmtp ?


Sure it will :wink: Just be sure to check if you have the ssmtp settings correct by sending couple e-mails from you Linux CLI.

If you do not have the softlinks set correctly in the Linux (command sendmail should execute /usr/sbin/ssmtp), just edit this parameter in voicemail.conf file:

mailcmd=/usr/sbin/ssmtp -t

Works like a charm for me and it’s eazy to set up.