Does Asterisk supports camp feature?

Hi All,

We tried Call back feature in Asterisk but it does not work, which is known as Camp on feature on Asterisk .

The use case is as below

User can dial a target number & hang-up while busy after activating auto dial.
Once the target user line appearance is free, based on the notification originating user will trigger invitation for establish a session.

If it works , please let us know which version it works .


Call Completion may do this for you.

On which version of asterisk auto call back feature work?

Does auto call back work with asterisk version 15 & 16.

I believe call completion was introduced with Asterisk 1.8

All but only for chan_sip channel.

The CALLCOMPLETION function should work with any transport.

Are You sure?

I am not.

I’m going with what the WIKI states.


It is possible to set CC configuration parameters for other channel types, though. For these channel types, the setting of the parameters can only be accomplished using the CALLCOMPLETION dialplan function.

Generic Agent and Generic Monitor sound to be compatible with any channel technology through the use of the CALLCOMPLETION function.

Basically auto call back supports with Asterisk 15 & 16 version?

Neither CCSS nor AOC were implemented for PJSIP. Heading off any “when, why, what” questions, it’s not something we’re currently implementing. Any interested parties are free to provide a suitable implementation for PJSIP if it serves their business interests.