Camp-On or Call Back Feature

Hi All, as a beginner iam useing Asterisk 1.8.2 version and iam trying to find camp-on feature or call back feature to implement and find difficult to install/configure. Please help. Thank you in advance. Kind Regards Parthiban

This was discussed in another thread - Busy call back in SIP Trunk otherwise there is no such functionality unless you write something.

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HI Jcolp, thank you for your reply. i gone thru the thread and literally blank on the steps. could you please help me to implement in the system and as iam new & i dont know where to start in the elastix. thank you in advance for your support, Kind Regards Parthi

I don’t know GUI stuff, 'nor do I have any additional information to add.

Is this a typo for 1.18.2? Otherwise I think it predates call completion services.

Elastix is probably as dead as Asterisk 1.8, so you probably meant Asterisk 1.8. That hasn’t been supported for almost 7 years!

It does appear that some sort of call completion service was added for SIP, DAHDI/ISDN and DAHDI/analogue, in 1.8.

Hi David, thank you for your reply and Please note 1.8.2 is asterisk version under elastix 2.4. Yes it is dead old version. i wanted to implement CallBack facility in this box. Thanks and Kind Regards Parthi

You can’t realistically expect anyone to be familiar with such old and unsupported products.

Yes thats true and expecting some experience gurus to start with, thanks

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