CCSS not working


my customer want to use CCSS (Camp-On, or simple say: call me back if the called party is not busy anymore), so i tried to configure it.
We are using freepbx and there is a module called Camp-On which is arleady installed.
If i dial *82 after a call, i can see in the dialplan that CallCompletionRequest is called, but i never get a callback from asterisk, so, i think, this is problem within asterisk, not within freepbx.

As we can see here: … User+Guide
They say: This module is deprecated as of version 13 of the PBX GUI software.
Does this mean with asterisk 13 this module does not work? is there another mechanism which can be used for this feature?

As i can see here:
the development is not stopped at all.

and i found this: … sy/29770/6
Tony LewisSangoma tells, that this feature has never worked within asterisk, and the digium-people will never fix it. is this an official information?

how can we deliver this function to the customer? any other solutions?
maybe a self-made custom-extension?

thanks in advance for your help!

Hi ,
I have a working CCSS with freepbx camp-on and asterisk 11.19.
I had to press submit in every extension was already created before module installation, so camp-on settings can be created in extensions files(e.x. extensions_additional.conf).
CCNR work without problem. For CCBS to work you must enable callwaiting in every extension settings and disable it in phone settings(if it is supported by the phone).
You must enable callwaiting in freepbx because if you have it disabled, when you make a call to a busy extension that call will never been processed, so CCSS will not be offered.