Call Completion Supplementary Services and pjsip

I am not able to create working “Call Completion” for pjsip. Example in documentation shows how to configute it for SIP. Problem is that options cc_agent_policy and cc_monitor_policy are not applicable in pjsip.conf. How to configure it for pjsip? Is it supported?

CCSS is not currently supported in PJSIP.

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It is a pitty. I hope it will be implemented or on the ToDo list. It should be very nice feature.
Thank You!

It’s not used by many so I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Ok I understand. Is there any feature like this implemented? I mean solution,where I will be noticed when celled party (mobile user) is reachable again. I found out hints, but it does not work with hardware phones.

I can’t find accurate information on whether CCSS is currently supported under PJSIP, now that it is the official SIP channel in Asterisk. Can you confirm Jcolp please?

There has been no change. Noone has worked on implementing such a thing, so it does not exist.

chan_sip is not supported by the primary Asterisk developers, so is no longer the preferred implementation of SIP.

It’s a pity to hear this, but with pjsip being the channel that replaces chan_sip now that it is “officially deprecated” it’s a pity that certain features will be lost, and that this may make it more difficult to change Asterisk version/channel.

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