Do I need an IP PBX?

Hello guys,
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Is an IP PBX such as 3CX required, or will Asterisk suffice?

To do what? A clue may help.

Maybe stay away from 3CX … just sayin’ …

Prefer Asterisk


I mean, does Asterisk have the basic features?
Because someone said that I have to install an IP PBX with Asterisk.

Thank you!

Thank you!
So, I can use Asterisk alone, right?

Asterisk is a box of Legos. All the pieces are there*, and you get to put it together.

If you’re looking for an ‘out of the box PBX’ experience, take a look at FreePBX.

*) If you find a piece missing, there are several technologies (dialplan, AEL, AGI, AMI, ARA, ARI, and source code) to create your vision.

You haven’t said what you want to do. Many people use Asterisk, only as a PBX and as their only PBX, but there may be some cases where a particular make and model of PBX will do something in a way that Asterisk cannot easily reproduced.

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