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Hi all,

Please don’t flame me or what not, and please excuse forgive me for being so ignorant…

But I wanted to know, I wanted to build a clean uncluttered Asterisk Box using Ubuntu or CentOS, because I didn’t want to use trixbox or AsterisNOW, because I wanted a no-frills version.

But I still wanted to maintain functionality such as Voicemails, IVR’s, Day/Night Rules, Queues, MeetMe Rooms and Conferencing Facilities that you have in trixbox.

Does all that come standard with Asterisk? Or are there modules that I’d need to compile?

Or should I just go with trixbox?



Asterisk in its vanilla form comes with the features you describe but you have to write the dialplan to access and make them work.

I would look at PBX in a Flash or AsteriskNow or Elastix These are all Asterisk with a GUI ontop for ease of deployment.


Thanks for that! Right! Thanks for that. I presume that the GUI of choice at the moment is FreePBX? I’ve tried to get AsteriskGUI running, but is that only compatible with Asterisk 1.6?

The most widely supported and complete is as you say freepbx


Agreed, Freepbx


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